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Personal information

Name              Andre Bal

Date of birth 8-3-1963

Mobile             +31-6-2334 3202



I am a driven person and based on my broad experiences, I am able to build bridges and translate management objectives into measurable goals for the operatiin, both internally and with external suppliers. My persuasiveness, drive, broad experience and hands-on approach have demonstrated  to lead to making a difference and successfully achieving concrete goals. Due to my versatile and broad employment history, I know all the interests between ICT, business and services and I can represent the interests in the right balance, at strategic, tactical and operational level, internally but also towards suppliers.

In recent years I have been active in service management design, specializing in setting up and optimizing configuration management processes and CMDBs. I also have broad and deep knowledge of the ServiceNow platform. Furthermore, I can rely on broad experiences in various outsourcing processes and project management skills.


  • Translating strategy and policy into concrete processes, solutions and services to be implemented.
  • Providing convincing direction and influencing those involved, taking into account the weight of various interests in order to make the right decisions. This is both from a helicopter view and very concrete, operational and tangible.
  • Communicates openly and directly with employees and management of both customers and suppliers and knows how to connect them into partnerships.
  • Flexible in attitude and behavior but always with the focus on achieving concrete goals, where necessary with a pragmatic approach.
  • Quickly recognizes relations and interests and knows how to influence and use them for the benefit of the result.
  • Hands-on attitude and solution-oriented (solution designer) who can think well conceptually and in data models, and can also implement them practically.
  • Extensive experience with outsourcing constructions and the special requirements these for CMDB quality to manage them cost-efficiently via an internal management organization.
  • Many years of ServiceNow knowledge (Since the Berlin release).

Recent assignments

  • 2020-11 - 2024-03 CMDB SME in ABNAMRO CMDB Delivery team.
  • 2016 - 2020 Configuration management specialist and ServiceNow specialist at Sanquin (blood bank)
  • 2019-01 – 2019-03 Configuration management specialist and ServiceNow specialist at GrandVision Benelux. (Assignment not extended due to Corona)
  • 2013-2016 Configuration management specialist/Service management specialist ABNAMRO
  • 2012- 2012 ITSM consultant for ITSM migration at KPN Corporate Market.
  • 2011-2012 Project manager / Configuration management specialist at KPN corporate market
  • 2011 Became self-employed under company name “ CMDB-Regisseur B.V.”
  • 2006-2011 Service manager / program manager at Randstad Netherlands
  • 2000 – 2005 Project Manager at Randstad Netherlands
  • 1997 – 2000 Aftersales software development manager + European year 2000 project manager at Nissan Europe
  • 1996 – 1997 EDP manager European data center at Nissan Europe
  • 1993 – 1997 Project leader / assistant EDP manager European data center at Nissan Europe
  • 1989 – 1992 Application manager at ABN bank
  • 1986 – 1999 Application manager at Postbank

References will be provided confidentially upon request.

Recent projects

  • 2020-11 - 2024-03 ServiceNow CMDB SME in ABN Amro CMDB Delivery team. Responsible for Specifications for engineers to build/configure. Completely automated CMDB quality audits set up in ServiceNow to arrive at fully Certified CI percentages and then manage accordingly for continuous improvement. Extensive Knowledge of Discovery solutions and their CMDB impact. At the end of 2023, we received a “Highly Confident” during an ECB audit and management was also very satisfied with what I achieved there (Jan van Groningen and Remko Mens).
  • 2019 - 2020-06 – Sanquin (Blood Bank), CMDB extensions for cost charging and chain management in ServiceNow. Automated CMDB quality checks including workflow-driven error handling implemented in ServiceNow to keep the CMDB house in order. Selection of permanent Sanquin CMDB configuration manager to make myself redundant. Transfer CMDB knowledge to permanent configuration manager.
  • 2020-01 – 2020-04 – GrandVision, setting up CMDB in ServiceNow for chain management in ServiceNow. Implemented an improved ServiceNow data model and subsequently cleaned and corrected the CMDB data in particular. In particular, Asset Lifecycle process standardized and improved. Due to Corona, the assignment was not extended
  • 2019-06 – 2019-07 Alliander, Drafting and advising on ITSM and CMDB migration scenarios, taking into account regulations that apply to companies that belong to the Dutch critical infrastructure.
  • 2017-08 – 2019 – Sanquin (Blood Bank), Implementation of Software Asset management (Snow) and ServiceNow CMDB integration in order to be able to process requests via a structured software-related catalog and to be able to charge Software-related costs internally. At the same time operational configuration manager (interim).
  • 2016-11 – 2017-07 – Sanquin Blood Bank, Setting up CMDB in ServiceNow that facilitates various processes such as Incident Problem and Change. Develop proposed designs for this and actually implement them as a ServiceNow administrator. At the same time operational configuration manager (Interim).
  • 2015-05 – 2016-11 – ABNAMRO, Delivering ServiceNow solution designs for new releases with additional functionality, Concerns further extensions and integrations with regard to the CMDB and Software license management.
  • 2014 – 2015-05 – ABNAMRO, Migration CMDB and Service management system, Migrate an outdated CMDB and Service management landscape (Camera / Prisma) to ServiceNow for the customer's leading Vendor.
  • 2014-2015-04 – ABNAMRO, Initiating an internal implementation of Service-Now. For the purpose of IT4IT management, this institution has developed a strategy in which it wants to be able to carry out Service Management independently of its vendors. The objective is to support the total IT management via Service-Now. As a Service Management / ICT management specialist, I am responsible as an advisor to give concrete shape to this project, after which implementation will follow through an extensive program.
  • 2014 – Alliander, Implementation of Service Management in Service-Now, A number of isolated legacy applications need to be replaced by migration to Service-Now. This mainly concerns incident, problem, change, configuration management, vendor invoice validation and internal charging. (project was in initiation phase). I was involved as an external specialist in a design and QA role. Customer and supplier have found a good collaboration, so my role was no longer necessary.
  • 2013 – 2014 ABNAMRO Implementation Assurance Reliable CMDB, Analyze CMDB quality, report this monthly through automated controls and dashboards and then take corrective measures together with the vendors. Subsequently validate the monthly invoices from the vendors against the (integrated) CMDB and also provide qualitative insight into monthly Dashboards. Project delivered successfully (above customer expectations).
  • 2012 – 2012 ITSM Implementation and migration consultant KPN corporate Market, analyzing service contracts and concretely translating them into the required Service-Now setup, then actually delivering this setup to the customer teams and supervising the migration. Within this framework, I continue to be active in the Onboarding innovation cell, in which solutions are designed, built and implemented to simplify and accelerate the onboarding of customers.
  • 2011-2012 KPN, Implementation of an automated workstation CMDB KPN corporate market, design, build and implement an automated workstation CMDB for 10 major KPN customers, with demonstrable accuracy above 98%. This innovative project required a lot of perseverance and breaking through years of ingrained dogma. It has been successfully delivered within time and money and the implemented customers are enthusiastic even though some are still getting used to the idea that the manual world has been abandoned. The project has demonstrably paid for itself within a year. The solution has been standardized as a new service and can now be sold and rolled out to additional customers. In addition to this project, I was often asked by KPN to think about service management innovations and to provide direction for their Service-Now implementation and development. The solution offered, offers customers simple options to charge workplace costs in their internal organization and manage their TCO.
  • 2010 – 2011 Implementation of an integral service management system for Randstad Netherlands shared service centers, Selecting an integral service management solution (Service-Now SAAS solution), which subsequently implements for the ICT, HR and Facility shared service centers, and link with adjacent systems from external suppliers. This involved implementing the processes below:
  • 2007 – 2009 Randstad, Project-based setting up of Disaster Recovery and repeating this annually for Randstad Netherlands. Given the further centralization and impact of ICT on business operations, an integral DR scenario had to be created. This has been set up for the entire IT environment. There is an annual full test of all scenarios where any gaps are immediately resolved. This project was both technically and logistically complex and all ICT departments of Randstad and its suppliers were involved. The project side was completed in 6 months, the annual repetition now requires 2 weeks lead time.
  • 2004 – 2009 Setting up a service delivery (ICT management) department and carrying out a number of outsource projects for Randstad Netherlands, the objective was to standardize and improve services through outsourcing of standard services. This first required setting up a service delivery management department (8 people), then I realized the following outsource projects:

o Outsourcing the network to KPN, this also involved a migration from a Frame Relay network to an MPLS network for all 750 Branches.

o AS400 environment to IBM, this involved 15 mission critical systems that were completely replaced.

o Helpdesk and office automation to Getronics, simultaneously phasing out and isolating all non-standard solutions that were operational.

o I then became a contract and service manager for these suppliers for several years. My involvement was from RFP to realization and implementation.

o Setting up internal charging models based on standard services.

  • Before 2004 Various projects

o Randstad Netherlands, Migration from old data center to 2 new (rented) data centers.

o Randstad Netherlands, Carrying out a benchmark together with Gartner

o Nissan Europe, European year 2000 project manager.

o Nissan Europe, Relocation of European data center from Amsterdam to Sunderland (UK)

o 3 years Works Council at Nissan, during a number of reorganizations.

Education, courses and training

  • HAVO B + Economics
  • Secondary agricultural school
  • Self-employed diploma
  • Higher agricultural school (no diploma)
  • IBO Zeist, the coordinating role (certificate), thesis on value-based performance management.
  • Management assessment Randstad: University level
  • Service-Now administrator training
  • Forum, drafting and valuing ICT contracts
  • CUC, Computer fallback
  • De Boei, negotiating with directors
  • De Boei, presentation techniques
  • De Boei, design strategic and tactical policy
  • Internal, negotiation techniques
  • Internal, influencing people
  • Internal Nissan, situational leadership
  • Internal Nissan, masterclass communication
  • Internal Nissan, Kaizen (continued improvement)
  • Chance, Project management
  • IRR technology, SNA in a multivendor environment
  • Up to Z, personal effectiveness
  • IBM, OS370
  • Amdahl, Rexx for MVS users
  • Exin Ambi I1, general basic knowledge
  • Exin Ambi HE1, elementary information science
  • Exin Ambi HE2, elementary information science
  • Exin Ambi HB1, databases
  • ServiceNow administrator



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