Client Testimonials

Jan van Groningen


Snr Manager Platform & technology

Andre is a breathe to work with, certainly if you want to understand the truth of the challenges ahead, and the practical road to be taken ahead. Andre really made the difference in a difficult periode where we migrated from One ServiceNow setup to an entirely new one. He basically was the hands on architect that made this happen flawlessly for the CMDB. Please note that our CMDB is the core for our fully data driven IT management and succes. Thanks Andre it was a pleasure working with a hands on expert like you!

Ron Bosma


Ron Bosma (Randstad)

Program manager

Ron was senior to Andre but didn't manage Andre directly

Andre is a colleague who is not satisfied with half-measures. He is critical, does a lot of work and ensures that quality is ultimately delivered. In addition, Andre is a nice colleague to work with. 

Martijn Stam


IT Operations Manager (Sanquin)

Martijn managed Andre directly

During his time at Sanquin, André managed to build the CMDB almost from scratch. With his insights, knowledge and skills, he has managed to further professionalize this with multiple interfaces. As a result, Sanquin is provided with a mature CMDB that not only supports the operation, management and projects, but also the financial invoicing. 

Kees Mensch


Kees Mensch (Program manager KPN main supplier to Randstad)

Kees worked with Andre but they were at different companies

Sharp on the content, driven and honest with the people. Andre is a pleasure to work with, especially when you want progress, results and speed. Information is not assessed 'at face value', Andre always looks at the communication and value behind it, both for good and bad news.

Kees van Wijk


Kees van Wijk (Randstad)

Manager Service Delivery

Kees managed Andre directly

Andre has implemented Service Now as our primary Service Management tool to my full satisfaction. He is a keen project manager with a deep understanding of service management and configuration management in particular. He was able to save significant costs by bringing insight into our devices and contracts, and pointing out the low-hanging fruit to Primary Management. It was a pleasure working with him. 

Lucas Kerkhoven


Service Manager

Lucas worked with Andre on the same team

André was very important and made great progress in onboarding/optimizing my two customers in Service Now. André is straight to the point, accurate, enthusiastic and convincing combined with extensive knowledge of CMDB and service management tooling.


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