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The CMDB should have a high data quality to enable data driven ITSM processes. Data quality is my middle name and is proven by ServiceNow's automated audits engine that I configure



Projects are delivered until the tangible and agreed results are achieved. The result takes precedence over my personal commercial interests



With over 30 years of IT experience in almost all positions thinkable and with ServiceNow Expertise from the Berlin release onwards, I am a well known expert



In the market, contracts are often concluded for small ad hoc support. With me you can always count on good aftercare (targeted advice) free of charge.


Consultant CMDB & ITSM Expertise

CMDB Quality audit

If you really want to know the quality of your CMDB, please let me do a quality audit. IT will be a fact based report with specific concrete recommendations to mature your CMDB and with that the quality of your IT management processes

CMDB Implementation service

Depending on your situation you may want to contract me in order to implement or improve your CMDB or ITSM capabilities. I have a proven track record on these implementations

CMDB Strategic planning

My strategic planning service ensures that  your business stays on track and achieves long-term success. In too many cases I have seen failed projects due to strategic planning without suffcient knowledge

Staff training & coaching

With my 30+ years of experience in IT and especially regarding the CMDB, I can train & coach your staff to the next level and help you eliminate the need to contract expensive consultants (trainings are under construction)

Meet the expert

Andre Bal

ServiceNow ITSM and CMDB expert

Starting off (by coincidence) in IT in 1985 at dutch bank (Postbank) as a Printer machine operator, growing into a technical application manager on MVS Mainframes I started various AMBI education modules, since no IT related educations other than those existed at that time. After a couple of years I joined ABN bank where my first major project to fully automate integration testing for the merger with AMRO bank.

After 4 years I wanted to change my working environment and I joined Nissan Motor Part Center (and later Nissan Europe. I worked there for about 11 years and had the oppurtunity to have almost all IT management roles, running loads of projects among which the transfer of our Amsterdam based European Datacenter to Sunderland in the UK. My last big project here was to run the Nissan European Year 2000 project which was concluded very succesfully. During my time at Nissan I learned a great deal about Japaneese culture for which I am still gratefull up to today.

I was asked by a headhunter to join Randstad in the IT managementteam, becoming responsible for all projects (approx 33mln a year). After running loads of projects with some 15 Projectleaders and project managers I wanted some change, and also Randstad was changing. I created the Service Delivery department which was is charge of delivering the services to the business and also responsible for several outsource contracts with the larger vendors. IT was during this time, my ITSM and CMDB focus became eminent. How do you want to manage your IT without proper ITSM / CMDB solutions. Pretty soon I became an expert in this field when I implemented ServiceNow at Randstad and I setup a high quality CMDB. This proved to save Randstad significant money, but also this CMDB facilitated a lot of very important projects (like Outsourcing). Having setup Service Management for IT, I was requested to also set this up for HR and Facilities as a program manager.

Unfortunately after some changes in the IT management, the commitment to this program dropped and I seeked another challenge.

The Big challenge was to establish my own company and work as a fully independent professional for my customers.

As soon a my network heard about this I got overloaded with work at various companies, to help them with ServiceNow implementations and also setting up a reliable CMDB.

Here a list of some companies:

  • KPN (Telecom provider)
  • Enexis (Energy supplier)
  • GrandVision (optics)
  • Rotterdam harbour
  • AbnAmro (Bank)
  • Sanquin (Healthcare)

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